Monday, January 12, 2015

Beach Demo

So, today I forgot the photo I was going to demo from so I borrowed a couple of photos from one of my students and it became a lesson in being totally about the painting and not the reference.  What to use, what not, how to change the colors to work for your painting.


  1. You're right Aline... it's about the painting and not the reference picture. This painting is amazing....wonderful colors and texture in the sand!!!

  2. Aline! How could you resist painting the man with the nice tummy just to the left of the boy with the ball/mitt in his hand? Now THAT would have been a memorable painting. Must all figures be slender? Do we not also love the...what's it called?...'zaftig?' among us? Surely, we do. (It IS a nearly
    perfect curve...) Much silly love, MaryB