Monday, December 15, 2014

new work

Along the Dirt  18 x 18 oil on canvas

New Mexico Grazing 16 x 20  oil on canvas
 Here are some new paintings I've done.

Christmas bulbs  9 x 12 oil on board


  1. These three oil paintings are fantastic, Aline. I especially love "Along the Dirt"....My eyes take me all over the canvas ...I would love to be riding along the dirt roads....beautiful shadows in the foreground! Happy Holidays to you and your family!!!

  2. Aline! Gosh. Calm down--You sound way too excited about these pieces...
    I'm kidding. You sound a bit unexcited when, in fact, they are glorious! You
    really are doing what you set out to do: abstraction of landscape. NOT a very easy thing to achieve but you've done it brilliantly here. You have used such simple masses yet convey so much 'detail' that is all in the viewer's head. I love the high horizon lines in the landscapes--gives you room for lots of 'planes' as the eye drifts down & around. You have such a gift for impressionism. When I try it, the result often looks like a 6 yr old's art on the fridge. Oh well. It takes practice. You've clearly put in your 10K hours, Aline. You're The Master! L&K, MaryB (Happy New Year to you!)

  3. always make me laugh! Thank you for your enthusiasm!
    Have a wonderful holiday