Sunday, October 19, 2014

Truchas demos

Truchas, NM afternoon light

Morning Light, Truchas, NM
 Truchas, New Mexico is proving to be a haven for artists.  The lights and color are beyond imagining.  My students are surpassing themselves!  The two pastels are demos from different times of day.  The portrait was inspired by seeing Nicolai Fechin's work in Taos...He is amazing.  My very humble effort...a sister of one of my students kindly modeled for me.
Joan, portrait


  1. Oh, Aline, these are simply wonderful! Just gorgeous, & they definitely convey
    the time of day you painted them. ALL of the pastels you've posted from 'Geese' forward are truly inspiring to me.'Cell Phone' displays that unique way you 'carve' figures out of color, & these NM pieces prove that if the value is correct, one can use TONS of color. Hey, I did NOT know you'd be teaching in NM. I might be able to get that far. I'd better find your workshop dates--then brush up on my wildlife! L&K, MaryB

  2. Hi Mary,
    I just got back from Santa Fe and it was extraordinary! I don't know if you'd like to be on my student list. If so, let me know your email. I'll be in charleston, Florida, Vermont and Croatia! Thanks for the great comments!