Thursday, September 4, 2014


Geese    Pastel   9 x 12
Most of the animal oriented paintings I have done are in oil.  So, since I will be jurying the Pastel 100 Animal/Wildlife category, I have been developing some pastel ones.  Geese is a 9 x 12 pastel


  1. Dear Aline Ordman, Great Bwana Animal Painter--these geese are simply glorious. I love the color streaks in the water & the way the geese register as 'white,' yet are filled with colors, too. You have terrific color harmony in your works--do you use any special 'method?' I've heard of the 'Muswell-something' method but don't know the particulars. I suspect you just do your own thing, but maybe you can advise us lesser beings. (I still think it's just hilarious that you were chosen to judge 'wildlife.' Wildlife? Still, after 'Geese,' it's not quite so funny.) Wish you were here, in CA! L&K, MaryB

  2. I think it's hilarious too! So I'm doing a bunch of animal pastels. I don't have a special method. I think I work to understand the relationship of muted colors to intense colors and hopefully how to harmonize without being garish