Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Artist Magazine 31st

Liliana's Living Room has been chosen as a finalist in Artist Magazine's 31st annual art competition.  It was a luck day when I painted this!  It will be going to Denver for the American Impressionist National Show this fall as well.


  1. Wowee, Aline! This is one Blessed painting, isn't it?(What did you have for breakfast that day?) Oh, but it is deserving of all the accolades! It is a glorious painting of Light. It is a painting that truly captures Light as it enters windows, darts around interiors, bounces off surfaces, & changes its quality while doing all that. This is something all artists hope to do & YOU managed to accomplish it.
    This IS an exceptional piece & it's not surprising it has received so much attention. You teach us so much! L&K, MaryB

  2. Thank you Mary! That was certainly what attracted me to this scene. Check out Ann Blair Brown's work to see what inspired me!