Thursday, April 10, 2014

sill life in green....oil

Still life in Green...oil on canvas demo from my oil painting class

And it was 10 stroke time in my pastel class...the pear was done in 10 strokes.  It really comes together after the background is put in.

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  1. I cannot leave this as a "NO COMMENTS" entry! The 10-stroke pear is simply gorgeous. All the fruit I have in the house at the moment is sad & tired--otherwise I'd be turning out my own 10-strokers. I really must do these as daily exercises--it makes one think carefully about every color, temperature & method of application of each stroke. And this, of course, should be done in every painting I attempt! Aline, what pastels do you use a lot? Ludwigs, Senneliers, Schminkes--usual suspects?
    Do you use much 'underpainting?' Love, Curious MaryB in El Cerrito