Tuesday, March 18, 2014

24th Annual IAPS Show

Thrilled and honored to announce that "Beneath the Mount" has been accepted to the International Association of Pastel Societies 24th Annual Juried Show...in Boston!!  Yeah, close by.


  1. Congratulations, Aline!!! Wonderful news....

  2. Yes, congratulations, Aline! IAPS is BigTime--like PSA, sorta. Where is this location? It looks foreign--like, not near my neighborhood. (I am so
    parochial...) Anyway, I am intrigued by the colors in the mountains. Some are quite warm, yet you still get the effect of deep distance. I'm all into 'color temperature' now, what it should be in shadows if the light is warm, & which light IS warm & all that jazz. Very confusing. I'll bet you simply OBSERVED & then painted what you saw. And that is why there can be 'warmish' colors in the distance. Can you tell me if this is your beloved Terra Cotta Colourfix paper, & the dimensions of the piece? Thanks! It is GREAT. L&K, MaryB

    1. Thank you! Yes, terra cotta colorfix. I did observe but also simplified a great deal. It is somewhere in Norway I believe...it was a "challenge" from one of my students who was having a very difficult time with it.