Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Yes...another watercolor....


  1. Aline! I go away for awhile & now you're doing watercolor! What gives?
    Do your pastels freeze in cold weather? I'm just kidding. In truth, I'm amazed at your rapid ability to handle watercolor--this picture is great!
    The bright color spots, the translucent reflections, the composition, all of it is great. Lots better than that first 'horse-racing' picture--& that one was quite good! Sargent did absolutely wonderful watercolors--I'll bet yours will end up looking like his. I love his watercolors of Berber traders with camels! Probably a lot of those in New England you could paint. I'm still plodding along in pastels & wishing I could go to FL to attend your workshop. Maybe someday. L&K, Mary Brady

    1. Haha...no the pastels don't freeze but my desire to go to my studio in the cold and either snow or freezing rain has some influence. I am enjoying learning even though I have a long way to go! Thanks!!