Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fells Workshop

Fells Gate Pastel

 Demos from workshop at the Fells in Newbury, NH.  Great students and beautiful location.  The final demo was to inspire students who were "sick of green" to have fun with color as long as the values and intensity work
Fells Doorway Pastel

Fells Doorway Oil

Anything but Green oil


  1. I love them all, Aline!!! Outstanding colors...

  2. Thank you Aline for a great workshop. I really enjoyed watching these demos develop. Learned quite a bit! -Rose

  3. Thanks so much did some great paintings!

  4. Aline! These all are simply wonderful. Simplify, simplify, do it so well & the results are beautiful paintings. When I simplify, my work looks like a 6 yr old did it. Perhaps what you simplify makes a big difference. Then again, painting like a 6 yr old isn't necessarily a bad thing.

    Come to the San Francisco Bay area, please! We don't get anyone giving workshops around here. And we have all these nice freeways to paint. I just don't get it.

    Congrats on being selected for the 'Spotlight' in Artist's Mag. It's the very last page, which is the first one all humans turn to when they open a magazine.(It's a fact!) You
    deserve all the attention! L&K, MaryB (your website is great, btw.)