Thursday, April 4, 2013

Arles Square

Arles Square is a 9 x 12 pastel.  I have done this image in oil as well...a slightly different challenge in pastel


  1. This is truly beautiful, Aline! My eyes take me all over this amazing street! I love the texture you achieved using the colorfix paper!!
    Wonderful work!

  2. Aline, I am always stunned when I expand your work & see how much is simply 'suggested.' Example: the right side of this picture is a mass of rough strokes that 'read' as so much more!
    Your ability to 'push back' the alleys & bring forward the
    fronts of buildings is simply awesome.

    What are the biggest differences when you translate from oil to pastel? Also, I just noticed that you have 'cool' colors in front & warmer ones in back. I'll bet, though, the temperature of your cool/warm colors are reversed, & that's why this painting still works so well. There ARE 'warm' blues & 'cool' yellows & reds.

    I really want to learn this 'less is more' style!

    Thanks for putting out your work, Aline. It's all great.

    L&K, Mary B

  3. Thank you both! I find a lot of similarities between oils and pastels, but the biggest difference is that with oils, you pre mix the color, and with pastels, you do all your mixing on the painting.