Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pastel Demo

This is my pastel demo from class today. Started out very abstract. The idea I tried to convey is that if you think glass vase, you get confused. If you squint and look at shapes and values in an abstract way, you can go as far as you like with it. It is a process from general shapes to details.


  1. These colors are so beautiful, Aline....and the glass vase is so perfectly painted! What kind of paper did you use with this painting..?

  2. Hi Aline! WHAT a gorgeous pastel! I wish I were better at abstract shapes. I get bogged down in my 'symbols' for vase, flower, etc., & not what I actually see. But I AM improving.

    Your choice of pastel paper here is inspired. Looks like Colorfix in red/brown. It sets off the deep blue & the flower colors perfectly.

    Your vase IS wonderful. Just thin lines here & there, a smudge of deep gray & turquoise, a few highlights & boom.
    It's a vase!

    You have an unerring eye, Aline--there isn't a single excess stroke in this picture. I love how you never over-work any pastel. It's so easy to do. Instead, you let the viewer 'fill in'--which is how great artists engage their audiences. Otherwise, viewers are bored!

    Someday I will make it to one of your pastel classes! Until then, I surely wish you'd write a pastel book. Make it a bit more 'advanced.' No section on 'Cross-hatching.'
    We ALL know how to bloody crosshatch. And we never do it.
    Show us how 'less is more.' You've got that down.

    L&K, MaryB