Thursday, December 27, 2012

Picture Perfect

Snowing all day so didn't go to the studio but instead painted with my neighbor and friend Joan. This is an oil on canvas 11 x 14.


  1. I love the color and texture in this painting and wonderful reflections in the sand, Aline. Painting with your neighbor and friend makes it that perfect day!!

  2. Aline, this is a masterful use of grey! Every grey possible: warm, cool, greens, pinks, blues, tans, & everything in between. I, too, love the reflections.

    I'm working on a 'sea' pastel right now, carefully stroking in my blues & greens. Luckily, I'm just blocking it in--now that I've seen your piece, I'll use many more greys & neutrals.

    I'm also going to put figures in my next piece--& try to do it as you do. Forget the details: get the stance, the weight on the leg, the cant of the head. You figures are so expressive & you make it look easy! (It's not.)

    I love the light in this piece, too. From the water, we know it's rosy, maybe towards sunset, but still bright. You are so good, Aline, you really are. The placement of the figures, even, is perfect. The eye circles from the left one, along the reflection to the other one, crosses along the foam back to the first one again.

    AND you've abstracted the landscape! Mission seriously accomplished, Aline! L&K, MaryB.

  3. Thank you both! Mary, I am so happy you see the was my goal. I am inspired by Roos Shurling...check out his/her art. Amazing. Talk about abstraction but not.
    Would love to see your pastel when you finish it.