Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Break in the Clouds

Along the lines of larger and semi abstract oils...Break in the Clouds is 24 x 24 inches


  1. I love this painting.. A very powerful sky..and wonderful reflections!! Happy Holidays to you and your family, Aline!!!

  2. Hey Aline! WOW. I'd say you've achieved your goal of abstracting the landscape with this one. This is IT. 'Winter Landscape' is gorgeous, but is still very much recognizable as a real place. I loved the pasture painting! How many horses get to wear little red booties? I LOVE those wonderful touches in your work! Again, tho, it was a real place.

    Now, I think these are wonderful pieces, but I know YOU want 'abstraction' & you achieved it fully in this piece. The sky is stunning, but what I love is the fact that I do not know if that is 'blue water' beneath it or 'atmosphere.' That's because, to me, you've successfully pushed the planes around in this piece. That's no small feat!

    This 'drifting' of planes is most apparent in the green/brown 'land mass.' It seems to drop away into eternity. This world you've painted, to me, seems not to exist on a round planet of any sort, but is floating in space.

    I think this is just a fantastic painting, Aline, in the literal sense of 'fantastic.' This is a different world from ours--ethereal, unbounded, with amazing images appearing in the atmosphere around it. I'm just knocked out! The colors are so beautiful & the execution is perfect. You think you know it but then realize it's no place you've ever been.

    Have you seen the movie, 'Dark City?' It's rather old. It's about people who think they're still living on Earth, but who discover aliens have built a replica of their world. That world is rather like 'platform' in space: just enough to hold The City,' but if you travel to the edge, you'd fall off into space.

    You've created 'Light City' here. It's a much more beautiful place, but still very strange & different. I'd love to go there (here?) but I'd still have to watch my step...

    You've NAILED it, Aline! This is truly an abstracted landscape. NO one has ever been to this 'place,' not really.

    Do you like how I just slid in here with no explanation of where the hell I've been? I've been doing my own painting, trying to get some level of proficiency. Once I get on the web, I lose HOURS of time. But I have severely missed yakking it up on your blog! I'm back! I, too, long to abstract the landscape & you are just the artist to watch.

    You ARE an inspiration, Aline! You are fantastic. One day, I, too, will put red booties on blue horsies...& paint something like THIS masterpiece here! L&K, MaryB