Tuesday, October 16, 2012

This is a demo from class. A lesson on lost and found edges, and intensity creating the "hero" of the painting.


  1. Beautiful colors...excellent as always...

  2. Aline! Lost & found edges are exactly what I'm working on lately. I get so engrossed in putting down all the info in my paintings that, when I come up for air, I find I've given every object a nice hard edge. I then must spend lots of time undoing nearly all of them & finding bridge colors to get them 'lost' into nearby objects/spaces. I need to staple a Post-it to my forehead that says:EDGES! That might help.

    I love this painting & the Very Heroic Red Apple! Red is clearly going places. Not like those slacker green apples. Are these, by any chance, your famous 8 or 10 stroke apples? I still have to try that exercise!I swear I will lose an edge by the 2nd stroke...

    Your work is dazzling! L&K, MaryB

  3. Thanks Mary and Hilda. They certainly emerge from the 10 stroke exercises. A