Friday, August 10, 2012

I am honored to announce that Awaiting the Dinner Crowd has been accepted to the 13th Annual National Juried show of the American Impressionist Society!


  1. Congratulations, Aline!! Wonderful news! This is truly a beautiful piece...The white tablecloth pulls you into this painting...

  2. Hey, Aline!
    OK, before I reveal my ignorance...does this mean your glorious painting MAY win an award from the AIS? Or has AIS blown it by declaring you 'among the finalists' & not The Winner?

    Because, again, I think the original Impressionists would throw in the towel if they saw this. How do you KNOW a single
    stroke will 'read' as so much detail from 6 feet away? You're a magician. For example, the 'fluted column'(?) in the rear left, that seems to form arches--it's just 4 to 6 dabs of gorgeous color.
    And all that delicate glassware & crisp linen with light showing through it? Just more dabs...but just the PERFECT dabs! I'm simply amazed. This picture is utterly beautiful, Aline, so sumptuous & mysterious. Like all your pictures, a story is implied--something is just about to happen. A bull will rush through the open door & bust up all the nice glass, maybe.
    OK, no bulls, but there IS a sense of tension. Will the food critic be here tonight? Will tips be good? Do they serve trans-fats? WE JUST DON'T KNOW. But we want to know. I know I do.
    Aline, this is a stunning piece & I am so very glad the AIS recognizes your amazing talent! You really could work with neuroscientists--your talent shows how little the human brain needs to create 'patterns.' And the less detail you provide, the more the viewer seems to enjoy working it out in their own brain.
    I write as well as paint & I never describe a character's appearance if I can avoid it. Still, my (small) readership will tell me often how well they pictured the people in my story. I think people do enjoy art more when they get to fill in more blanks. I guess that's what it means to be 'engaged' with a work of art.
    Gosh, Mary, let's really dig into this...
    Aline, it is a gorgeous piece of art. I also totally love Miniturn Harbor (?). That is terrific! The composition of the land masses & the water is wonderful. Everything looks prettier where you live! No, it looks prettier when you PAINT it. The sparks of color in the roofs of houses works wonderfully with the blue(s) of the water. I love your color choices, always.
    It could use a bull, though--maybe wandering down a street or something. You can't have too many bulls, that's what I say. But then, I would say that, wouldn't I?

    L&K, MaryB

  3. As always Mary, your comments imbue my work with much more than I thought it had! Thank you. I was a bit nervous doing this painting and I did it as a demo. But I am working hard at abstracting what I see and in this case, I wouldn't even have been able to do a "realistic" painting. But then, I don't want to...I want my paintings to be the way we see life...not always observed but in flashes.
    I want to read what you write! How do I do that?
    The AIS selected 100 of about a 1000 submissions which is such an honor! They award at the show and I would be shocked to win one. I'm just happy to be in the show!
    Thank you again for your in depth and thoughtful comments. You could write art criticism...perhaps you do?