Thursday, April 19, 2012

Using Intense Colors

So, in my Community College of VT class and my Monday morning class, I wanted to inspire students to use intense colors and "surprise me"


  1. Uh...I give up. I can see you did the lower painting, but did you do the upper one, too? Or is that a 'surprise' from a student? Your lower one is great--you really have that 'paint the shapes & an image appears' thing going on. I especially love how the can comes out of a bunch of random strokes.
    The upper one is a surprise, indeed.How can a handle grow out of the side of a can? Other than that, it is lively & 'juicy,' as they say.
    Boy. I wish you taught at MY local JC! You're a goddess. L&K, MaryB

  2. I did both! The one with just brushes is tiny, 4 x 4 and was done quickly as a short demo for my Community College students. The larger one with tubes of paint was a longer demo for my Monday workshops. I love the brush coming out of the can!
    Where do you live?

  3. I live in Berkeley, CA--right across the Bay from San Francisco. In other words, we could not live farther apart & both still be in the US...

    Your pastels are what really knock me out,Aline. I must use pastels because I'm disabled & paint lying back at angle on my bed. Oils would make a big mess. Well, an even bigger mess...

    Do you know Terri Ford's work? She is on this coast, but she does NOT teach at local JCs, just workshops. Still, I'd most like to go to one of your workshops if you ever get out here to CA.

    'Til then, I can fruitfully practice & practice, then practice more. And be fearless! Let brushes grow out of cans! Loosen up! Squint!