Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Under Sail

A small painting which I had fun designing and painting the sailors. I really don't know boats but had fun.


  1. Wonderful, as always, Aline!

  2. Really neat painting, Aline! I like your square formats-they keep the eye roving around the work. I love the mainsail--purple & yellow put it in the shade of the brighter front 'jib.'

    I DO know boats--this looks like a 36' Catalina, maybe, & you have depicted the owners & guests perfectly: a bit tubby, maybe lawyers who've 'done well'& now can afford a sailboat. The one slender person is the son, perhaps. Having a wheel instead of a tiller is the sign of a big & luxurious craft.

    Honestly, every picture you do tells a story, Aline. I can hear these folks talking & laughing just as I look at this!
    Still, you don't put down one unnecessary stroke. It is a great painting! MaryB