Thursday, March 1, 2012

Italian Cafe

Doing a bunch of pastels...a new one


  1. I love the scumbling on the buildings & the clear sense of shadow & light. I'm studying your color temperatures, & where the warms & cools show up. I like the simplicity of the figures-you know how much to 'show' so that the viewer's mind fills in the details. Just beautiful.
    Again-what kind of paper/pastels used? Maybe that is a trade secret...
    L&K, MaryB

    1. I was going to email you but couldn't find hope you see this. No trade secrets! I used Colorfix on this one...a dark cool color and Unison pastels.
      Thank you!

    2. Aline! I've been putting my email address in some older posts. Just saw how to enter it here. I'm such a Luddite...So, you, too, like Colorfix. Nice colors & texture.
      I look forward to that great day when I can afford all Unison pastels. I use Sennelier now, but only the half-sticks. I can't STAND the 'regular' shape--they crumble & make a mess. Also, the 1//2 sticks are wider--much more product for the $. I'm getting a 30-set of 'Mungyo' handmades for $90. They may be awful. I'll report on them.
      I use Wallis paper, & am also trying the Uart 'tester' set. In error, I got two of these 'tester' sets. That's EIGHT 21"x27" pages. I just hope I use these up in this lifetime. (Need any Uart paper?)
      L&K, MaryB (aka IdaMae-it's a long, dull story)

  2. Aline, this is probably one of my favorites of yours..although I have probably said that before!. I love the colors and the buildings are beautifully painted...yes, the Unison's really brings those colors out!

    1. Thank you! Unison on Colorfix or Richeson paper can really sparkle.

  3. MaryB
    Didn't see any posts on your site either. I too, am technically challenged.
    Do you order from discount sites on line?
    I like Richeson too for paper. Will wait to hear about Mungyo!