Friday, February 3, 2012

Pastel Workshop

During my recent pastel workshop, I introduced the idea of doing an object in ten strokes. In oils, you can pre mix the color, but in pastels it's an added challenge. This apple was done in ten strokes which encouraged the students to be very deliberate with their color choices and strokes. The onions were another demo using loose strokes and dynamic color.


  1. Hi Miss Aline! I just began 'following' your work after you were featured in the recent edition of Pastel Journal. I LOVE your artwork, especially your pastels. I am self-taught & it shows. Any chance you may offer a book or DVD? I learned an immense amount just from your comments in the Journal article. I live in CA, so I doubt you'd have a workshop here...
    Whatever. I'm going to try your '10-stroke' exercises, as well as study color temperature more closely. These simple studies of an apple & of onions are brilliant! Thanks for sharing your beautiful works with us-Mary Brady

  2. I love the idea of doing a composition in a limited number of strokes. it looks like you also are doing mostly side-strokes with the pastel. I would sure like to know what pastels you use; is there any way to get a materials list that you recommend? Thanks for your contribution to the art world--especially to pasteling!