Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Simple Pastel Demonstration

Today is a beginning demo I do for new pastelists. I set up a simple still life and proceed with a process which enables students to learn the technique of pastel.

I start with a simple charcoal drawing of a simple set up. Then I add a light value that is only about 1 or 2 values lighter than the page. Then I put a general color for each element. Now it is ready to have fun adding the color.


  1. This is beautiful Aline..thank you for sharing this process. What kind of paper did you use?

  2. My students know that Renaissance training (master-apprentice=years of imitation)clearly delayed some gratification! I cut out/framed my ONE strawberry from your AVA class. Now they know a "masterpiece" once was a small, plodding study under a master artist. Yup, one strawberry at a time. Ah - an understanding! L.Knisley